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Kirsten Lawrie

Scottish mixed media artist Kirsten Lawrie is an Edinburgh based mixed media artist. She works in a variety of mediums to create colourful and abstract pieces of work.

Kirsten Lawrie’s work forms part of an ongoing collaboration with local artist Sarah Galliers.  Kirsten’s artworks are very personal and energetic; they reflect her interest in nature, fabrics and textures and a pleasure in mark making. 

Her work incorporates a variety of mediums including pastel chalks, acrylic and textile paints. Kirsten works on several pieces at any one time, building up the work in layers to create different surfaces and textures of paint, appliqué, machine embroidery and collage. Some works can take a long time to realise, sometimes up to one year.

She works on different surfaces including canvas, paper and cotton fabric, which results in a diverse and individual range of outcomes.

Kirsten has had one solo and two highly successful group exhibitions in Edinburgh since 2008. She thoroughly enjoys showing her work to the public and the feedback she receives. 

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