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John Glynn

Morayshire based artist John Glynn is a Morayshire based artist who creates detailed pen drawings of harbours and cities as well as abstract work.

"Born in Plymouth in 1964 I have had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. I come from a working class background, starting work as a scaffold rigger at the age of 14 to support my Mum after the death of my father at 39.

I have always had the desire to become a self-supporting artist but work always seemed to get in the way. I had a push-bike accident when I was 26 years old while riding home from work. At that time I was doing refuge collecting for the Plymouth City Council with a view to becoming a driver, having passed my HGV license a few months before.

I was out of work for 8 years after my accident and was told that it was unlikely that I would return to work. ONe specialist told me that I could look at this as a positive thing as I would now be able to concentrate on doing more artwork. He was right in a way, although I didn't appreciate it at the time.

I produced as lot of art during this time as a form of therapy, which helped to distract me from the pain. 

I have since moved to Scotland and have been working with Banff Day Services, supporting people with mental and physical difficulties. I love this work and have been able to balance this with an ever growing demand for my artwork.

My early work was always surreal or abstract as I swore I would never do harbours! However, around the beginning of 2010 an image burned itself into my head while out walking around Baff Harbour and I quickly returned home to produce some drawings.

I now supply a number of galleries around Scotland and also some in the Southwest of England. The biggest challenge is to keep up with the demand."

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