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Anita Inverarity

Scottish illustrator Anita Inverarity is an Illustrator living and working in Aberdeen.

Art and creating has always been her passion.  Anita worked for a brief time in commercial design and printing put found it didn't really fulfil her need to create freely and use her vivid imagination.

In 2000, Anita was diagnosed with M.E, which she struggled to manage for the next 10 years.  A bad relapse in 2010 left Anita disabled and mostly housebound with sever mobility issues.  She found herself immersed in her art as a means of escape and enjoyment.  With so many limitations on her day-to-day life, she found that drawing was the one area where she felt free and non-compromised.

Since becoming a full time artist at the beginning of 2011 Anita hasn't looked back and has participated in successful solo groups shows in Scotland as well as London and Australia.  She is very passionate about collaborating and communicating with other artists and has organised online projects, collaborations and 'live' shows with both local and international artists. Her work can be found in private collections in the UK as well as America and Australia.

Anita describes her work as classic ink illustration with a contemporary twist. She lovers intricate detail and line work. Her drawings often feature whimsical characters and a myriad of creatures woven into her organic ink patterns.  The works are sometimes full of humour and 'cute appeal' and at times can reveal a darker more sinister side which reflects Anita's interest in the duality of human nature and her love of underground music and fashion.

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